Tea of life was started two years ago by Neetu Sarin out of a love and passion for tea. We have been influenced by the age old tea cultures and traditions from around the world. The oldest traditions around tea come from China and Japan. In both these countries green tea has been served and consumed for generations. Tea ceremonies and rituals were created to exalt the tea to an object of refinement and quality and luxury. Tea was also associated with wisdom and an inner calm. China was the first country to start using flowers like jasmine and chrysanthemum to make flavoured teas. Morocco was one of the first countries to import green tea. They flavoured it with fresh mint and orange blossoms. Indians have been flavouring their tea with spices for centuries. The British created the famous earl grey by adding bergamot to tea. In more recent years tea has gained popularity in Europe. It is mixed with flowers and fruits to give it various flavours. Here it is not considered an ordinary everyday drink but something special to be savoured and enjoyed in the same way as good wine.

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